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John Sumser highlights some of the new safety, health, and development technology available for fighting COVID-19 in the workplace. This is an excerpt of John Sumser’s popular keynote presentation at The HR Tech Conference & Exposition in the Fall of 2020.




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JS – John Sumser, Principal Analyst, HRExaminer


[00:00:04] Now there’s all sorts of new stuff out there, and I’m going to be very Zippy through this.


[00:00:09] Pathfinder will get you a beeping wearable that enforces social distancing. So if you come within six feet of somebody else in the office and beeps at you.

[00:00:19] Vodafone has a heat sensing camera that you put on the entrances so you can tell without there having to be a temperature taker there who’s hot and who’s cold coming into work today.


[00:00:31] Google and Apple have built very interesting contract tracing systems. M2Systems has RightPunch the touchless time clock. It’s a bit of facial recognition. ID Shop has proximity badges, and wristbands so that you don’t ever have to touch a security device. ServiceNow makes the interesting case that their reservation system is something that you could use for conference rooms.


[00:01:00] Hot swapping of desks and bathroom usage. Which brings me to Somatic’s bathroom cleaning robot which is this thing on the side. If you have a moment and want to be astonished, go to Somatic’s website and watch the videos of their bathroom cleaning robot. The reason this is important is of all of the places at the office.


[00:01:22] It’s taboo to talk about what goes on in the bathroom, isn’t it? Problem is if you want to find a great place to exchange bodily fluids and aerosol droplets, it’s the bathroom. It’s hard to clean. I haven’t seen a bathroom in a million years that had room for more than two people to use it. And so we’re going to be talking about bathroom usage and what do you do?


[00:01:50] And who’s responsible for cleaning it. And who would you give that job to in the first place. So Somatic has this bathroom cleaning robot and they do an interesting thing. You can’t buy one, but you can hire one for a thousand dollars a month. Finally, there’s an occupancy sensor. So if you’re working on the bathroom problem, Leviton has a sensor that will tell you when somebody is in there so you don’t walk in by mistake.


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