Virtual HR

On September 2, 2010, in John Sumser, More2Know, by John Sumser

Virtual HR

Unique is the new normal. Each and everyone of us is somehow persuaded that we are the ones who are living outside the mainstream. Our little customized universes are separate from and better than.

This is the new universe. Even though it is still primitive, we are able to radically customize huge swaths of our experience. This cements the notion that we’re special and unique.

The surprising paradox is that we’re being fed this diet of content through remarkably identical pieces of hardware, software and libraries of content.

And, in that universe, single guys go on vacation to reenact their virtual getaways with their virtual girlfriends. The worlds we used to imagine as separate are merging and developing. Social Media Addicts are busily forecasting a future where everyone joins them. Lots of people, late to the last revolution, jump in line in order to avoid being last again. As we speak, Virtual Reality has a very big impact in this generation, virtual reality explained that you can go beyond imagination even if you are just sitting within the four walls of your room.

The weirdness of an important time in cultural transformation is that it just like this. Headscratchingly strange. You think there’s something there and there is and then there isn’t.

I can’t be the only one who is simultaneously awed, confused, threatened, invigorated and overwhelmed.

It’s worth reading the article about the Japanese guys who are going on vacations to memorialize the virtual trip they took with their virtual girlfriend. Creepy? Pretty much. A portent of the future? Pretty much.

Played on a Nintendo DS, the virtual girlfriend thing is like the earlier virtual pets. Behaving along certain lines gets you boyfriend points and keeps the relationship alive.

Recruiting systems of the future will make candidates feel unique, just like an iPod.

It won’t be long before the Virtual Recruiter makes its way to your iPad. Want to remain in the queue for that promising career opportunity? Be a good candidate and keep doing nice things for your Virtual Recruiter. There will be points for referrals, connections to gate keepers, updating your resume. Win enough good candidate points and you’ll make the short list.

The rest of HR will follow rapidly. Need training? Send your avatar to good employee college. Visit the virtual benefits clerk to get benefits management points. Get more points for setting your goals and even more points for making them.

Welcome to Virtual HR.

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