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At the bottom of this post you’ll find all of the presentation slides for the live webinar John Sumser presented Wednesday on RPO’s (recruitment process outsourcing).

If you’d like to see the full recorded version of this webinar from Wednesday that features John Sumser of HRExaminer, Law Professor Heather Bussing and Bill Sebra of RiseSmart, simply fill in the form below or follow this link.

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Webinar Description

What separates a great RPO relationship from a disastrous one?

HRExaminer’s Webinar shows you how RPO’s can offload your Human Resources busy work so you can get on with the real business of HR.

Industry Analyst John Sumser shares knowledge gained from talking with hundreds of HR Professionals and describes a process for identifying and evaluating an RPO vendor, plus how to avoid the major risks associated with an RPO contract. You’ll also hear contract tips from Law Professor Heather Bussing and advice for getting the most out of your RPO relationship from RPO vendor Bill Sebra of RiseSmart.

HRExaminer 5 Reasons RPO Contracts Fail and How to Make Yours a Success