We walk through the world differently based on the color of our skin, our gender, the culture we grew up in, our size, strength, and all the other factors we have little control over.

Humans are fundamentally self-referential, and self-absorbed. We expect that everyone else experiences the world as we do, and that the way things work for us is the way it works for everyone. This is why it is so hard to recognize our own privilege and biases; they seem normal and natural.

It is rare that we get a window into other people’s realities. For many, it is too risky to speak the truth. The response is often disbelief, denial, criticism, and contempt.

Why would anyone take that risk and be vulnerable that way?

I can’t answer that.

But, I can point you to a window into what it is like to walk through the world as a person of color by a group of HR pros who are describing their experiences.

This is essential reading to understand what the world is like for others, to appreciate the obstacles that humans experience daily because of their skin color, and to open your mind and heart to the extraordinary patience, courage, and vulnerability these writers are demonstrating.

The truth is in our stories. It’s often not comfortable. It is essential.


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#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge – Week 2 – Stop Worrying What White People Think by Sarah Morgan @TheBuzzOnHR

“We are not our ancestors.
We are their wildest dreams. We don’t need anyone’s approval to show up and be as we are in this world. The only permission we need is our own.
That’s not to say we just ignore the systems put in place to hinder us. That would be foolish and dangerous.”

Living in Color: Why I Stopped Caring About What White People Think by Janine Truitt @CzarinaofHR

“I stopped caring what white people thought the day I realized it would serve me better to preserve myself & my community. Why bother teaching someone who has a “but” for every story you have about being disenfranchised or oppressed?”

#BlackBlogsMatter STILL – Here Goes Something by Tamara M. Rasberry @tmrasberry

“Too often we are spoken for but not listened to. Or not even considered. Far too often I’ve seen lists of the ‘top’ bloggers in a particular space or industry and there isn’t a Black person to be found among them. This must end”

Why I [Can’t] Stop Worrying About What White People Think … by Jazmine Wilkes @HRJazzy

“I’m not only early in my career
I’m not only black
I’m not only a woman
I’m not only a millennial (Yes, for some reason in this society, this matters a lot)
I am all of those things combined.

While I am darn good at my job and love HR with a fierce passion, I am also being placed in a box of expectations, and that’s usually by my white peers. There are days in which I doubt myself because I don’t see a lot of representation, or because I don’t know if I’ll ever be good enough as a coworker with a different skin tone.”

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