Win an Apple iPad on HRExaminer's Blank Slate Challenge

Win an Apple iPad on HRExaminer's Blank Slate Challenge

The news is in – Apple just released their amazing new product – the Apple iPad.

Technology evangelists and business experts are already heralding the iPad as a game-changing product. Here at HRExaminer that got us thinking about all that had to happen to bring the iPad to market.

We thought about the people who contributed to the user interface, the hardware development, the marketing and manufacturers, even the deals with the content partners. It took a whole company of people, in turn supported by many suppliers and partners. Amazing when you think of it.

It didn’t take long before we had moved on to thinking about the strategy and talent required to pull it all off.

We have a lot of ideas about what we think HR should be. Our internal customers have a list of their own…

Perhaps what is needed is some totally fresh thinking. So we’re launching a challenge – a contest of ideas.

Imagine an HR led strategy that could produce results in your organization like the iPhone and iPad have for Apple. How would you change the way you recruit, hire, develop and retain your employees so they could reach their full potential while keeping them engaged? (The proposal that you give them all iPhones and let them play with themselves has already been suggested.)

How would you change your company go-to-market strategy in areas like product, sales and marketing? Step in their shoes for a while and then come back to your expertise – people. Would you re-design one of your own internal HR functions like Recruiting to drive your game-changer?  What is it going to to take to produce a game-changer? Who is it going to take to produce a game changer?

Here’s your mission:

Submit a 200-1,000 word essay describing a game-changing HR led strategy that you could announce by February 28 in your company and begin implementation by the end of Q1 2010 – around the time the Apple iPad is set to ship.

See this as a way to re-challenge your own assumptions for 2010 and that of your organization – even what HR ‘does’. Assume that your CEO loves the idea, the CFO is cutting the check, and that you will get everything you need to make your plan happen. Tell us how HR will transform your company into a better place to work and work better.


Judging will be subjective and arbitrary, but will be conducted by experienced industry executives and consultants who know what they are talking about most of the time (aka the HRExaminer advisory board) We’ll choose the top three submissions we receive by February 28, 2010 by 11PM PST. The panel will consider the following areas in selecting their winners:

  1. Originality
  2. Communication of idea or strategy
  3. Potential to redefine HR’s role & impact in the company


  • First Place: Apple iPad. (We’ll have a team camped out in line to get it on the first day they’re available*)
  • Second Place: Apple iPod nano 8GB
  • Third Place: Apple iTunes $75 Gift Card

All accepted entries will be published on Contestants agree to allow HRExaminer to publish and re-use this content on its associated website/s, email, events, marketing and publications.


Sunday February 28, 2010 11PM EST (GMT -5)

How to Submit your Entry

Please send an email titled “Blank Slate Challenge” containing the information noted below to
along with your essay. Your essay can be included in the email text OR as an attachment in either Word, RTF, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.)

Your Email Must Include:

  • Your Name
  • Company Name
  • Your Email address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Company Website Address
  • Essay (in text or attachment)

If you have any other questions just send them to the email address

Thanks and good luck!

*If we aren’t able to purchase your iPad the day of release due to demand we’ll ship one to you as soon as they become available.

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