Zenzine: Different ways of recording our thoughts

I was a guest at an Open Space event discussing Paradigms of Mental Health last year.

Doug Shaw on HRExaminer.com

Doug Shaw, HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board Contributor

Open Space Technology is a very liberating, loose framework within which to convene dialogue. I like it a lot, I use it often in my work and when I’m aware of other events where the technology is to be applied, I try and make an effort to get along. So far this year, I’ve been involved in Open Space events discussing:

  • The Future of Learning Technologies
  • The Arts in my local borough
  • Mental Health

I often note take when I’m at these events, and for some reason, Open Space tends to bring out the artist in me.

Here’s the sketch note I made at the learning technologies event
At the arts event, I proposed a session called ‘Would You Like to Paint?’ where instead of talking, we just made art together. Here’s some of our work.
At the mental health event, I was introduced to a new device, called The Zine. We were given a piece of paper, folded with a few cuts in it, and invited to record thoughts and ideas as we conversed. The way the paper is cut means you can refold it into many shapes, which in turn means the things which you originally noted adjacent to one another, can effectively be repositioned. Here are some photos showing side one and two of my zine, and a folded version.
I love how, as you move from conversation to conversation, taking notes as you go, the notes can be refolded and repositioned, taking the dialogue in new and unexpected directions. Very zen.

– Doug Shaw

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