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Job Hunter - HRExaminer Weekly Edition v2.18 for May 6, 2011

Job Hunter Week: Unemployment and the In Box
Job Hunter Week on HR ExaminerYou know someone who is unemployed. Chances are it's someone who is a close friend or family member. Maybe it's you. This week we're focusing on finding the next job. The official unemployment rate for March 2011 was 8.8% and Gallup, who regularly polls 30K people, puts jobless rates higher at 9.5% unemployed and 19.6% underemployed. Read Now »

David Perry on HRExaminer talking Guerrilla Marketing for Job HuntersExploiting “Digital Recruiting” to land a job by David Perry In the past year, 50-million jobs were filled in the United States – almost all without a job posting! Today, employers are relying on a brand new digital armory to find the handful of "most qualified" recruits that they want to interview. David Perry explains how to be be one of them. Read Now »

Passion is a Choice
Passion is a choice and it is for careers tooPassion is a choice. If you're wandering around trying to figure out how to find your real true passion, take a break. Sit down. Your passion is not out in the world, it's somewhere inside of you. Look all you want. When you are finally ready to feel the fires of passion burning in your heart, follow these simple guidelines. Read Now »

The Odds of Getting A Job With a Recruiter
The Odds of Getting A Job With a RecruiterFewer than seven percent of the workforce is ever contacted by a recruiter. In reality, the odds are way worse than that for most people. Read this post and then decide what you're going to do about it. Read Now »

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Passion is a Choice

Passion is a choice. If you’re wandering around trying to figure out how to find your real true passion, take...