2020-05-07 HR Examiner HRx Small Scenarios 4 by Sumser Bussing and Lupushor Zoomerang 544x710px.png

This edition of Small Scenarios looks at the downsides of Zoom and the impact of decentralized work on people. Grab your free download.

This week, Stela Lupushor joins the Small Scenarios team with a bit about the downsides of Zoom. The experience of work on video from decentralized locations is markedly different from old normal work. Much is lost in the translation.


The distributed model of work is much more formal than the in-the-office version. Every interaction must be scheduled. Spontaneity and serendipity are hard to find. There is an incipient feeling of separation and loneliness.


Zoomerang identifies the problem and offers a few things to work on. Enjoy.

Download your free copy Here or click on the button below.

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