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On December 24, 2010, in Editorial Advisory Board, HRExaminer, Kelly Cartwright, Weekly, by John Sumser

Behind The Numbers of Talent Management HRExaminer v1.46
This week we cover a popular topic about popular people – online influencers. We're honored to feature Kelly Cartwright's reaction to our latest Top 25 List for Talent Management. Right on the heels of her article on influence is John Sumser's Top 100 Influencer Profile of Kelly. Next, we crunch the numbers with a piece called Measurement Is The Problem and finish by rounding up the highlights from the HRDemo show, including the show winner and much more.

Feature ~ Talent Management Influencers' List: Add a Grain of Salt for Flavor

Talent Management Influencers“HRExaminer's recent Top Online Influencers in Talent Management is worth a look. It's well-intentioned, thoughtfully executed, admittedly imperfect, and at the same time very useful. John Sumser serves up the list with his own grains of salt. He questions whether talent management has any meaning. He looks at assumptions underlying the rules of influence today and acknowledges that today's situation will not remain forever. It does not pretend to lay down the law; rather, it is simply engaging in the conversation. I'm happy to add to that conversation, and I’ll start by asking, does visibility equal influence?”Read More…

Top 100 v 1.74 Kelly Cartwright
Kelly Cartwright Top 100 Influencer Kelly represents the way that the industry is growing up. In a universe where men lead a predominantly female workforce, she stands with the small group of other women executives. In some ways, the HR industry and its vendor ecosystem offers an amazing opportunity to demonstrate effective management and development. The glass ceiling may be a little thinner in our universe. She’s a peer among pioneers who demonstrate the integration of roles across life aspects. Read More…

Measurement is the Problem
Measurement Is The Problem Measurement tells you everything you need to know about the past and maintaining the status quo. Data tells you a lot about what happened but is only marginally useful for telling you about what could happen. It can only narrow your choices to proven tracks. The problem with following tried and true marketing tactics is that they don't work. Read More…

In The Know v 1.45 HRDemo Roundup
In The Know v1.45 HRDemo Roundup Earlier this month, I hosted a new kind of conference in Las Vegas. The HRDemo Show features vendors demoing their software. It's a new format for our industry and offered some significant insights into the state of the market and the differences between vendors. Find out who stole the show. Read More…

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Talent Management Influencers’ List: Add a Grain of Salt for Flavor

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