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This week’s links look at the consequences of technology and how to manage them.

Five Links: Technology and Its Consequences

The twists and turns of contemporary life have much of their roots in technology. This week’s links look at the consequences of technology and how to manage them.

  • Google vs.. our humanity: How the emerging “Internet of Things” is turning us into robots
    The article is a response to the latest Pew study on the internet of things. The author worries about ‘the moral cost’ of handing decision making over to machines and algorithms. “When we delegate life’s hard work to ubiquitous behavior-directing technologies that fade in the background, two intimately related things happen. We become disconnected from decision-making. And, we become susceptible to believing we deserve credit for the devices acting on our behalf doing a good job.” The basic thrust of the article also applies to software companies that outsource installation and service.
  • What the Right Dashboard Can Do for Your Data
    A simple note on constructing dashboards that are useful to you.
  • The Cities Winning the War for Information Talent
    “To come up with our list of the cities with the fastest-growing information sectors, we zeroed in on the 55 metropolitan statistical areas that have at least 10,000 information jobs, which includes software, publishing, broadcasting and telecommunications services. We used the same methodology as for our overall ranking of the Best Cities for Jobs: we ranked the MSAs based on job growth in the sector over the long-term (2002-13), mid-term (2008-13) and the last two years, as well as recent momentum.”
  • Everything is Broken
    “We often point out that the phone you mostly play casual games (casino or slots apps we all enjoy – by the way, grab a extra bonus at this mobile casino if you’re a gamer) on and keep dropping in the toilet at bars is more powerful than all the computing we used to go to space for decades. NAShad a huge staff of geniuses to understand and care for their software. Your phone has you.”
  • A Primer On Deep Learning
    The next toolset will be smarter than the current stuff. It’s going to want to give you advice and insight. Here’s a useful guide to how that works.
    Deep Learning is the key to predictive analytics.

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